Looking Up

It´s been a while since my last post… but there have been so many things going on lately. We got back from the US, we had some guests visiting us, I was travelling with my parents and just celebrated my birthday. When in a rush, running around like crazy, you need to stop and Continue reading

Indulging in London

Resisting chocolate or sweets in general is actually quite hard for me although I have to say that I´m becoming better at it – or at least trying to go for healthier varieties. So yap, I´m quite a sweet tooth but I could´t eat loads of chocolate and actually prefer a mix between not too sweet and refreshing – if that even makes sense. Otherwise I`m only able to eat small portions a day.

When I was in London earlier this year, I was looking for some typical markets. Since I had seen all the tourist places the last couple of times I went there. So on top of the list was Continue reading